The short answer is, yes :)

If your touch screen or display device:

  • Has a browser; and 
  • Is connected to the internet

Then, in all likelihood you can use it to display your Cloudshelf using our Interactive or Display modes.

  • Cloudshelf runs on Android, ChromeOS, iOS and Windows. Recommended platform is ChromeOS.
  • When using Chrome as a browser - Ideally version 106.X or above is preferred.  NB: Cloudshelf will not run at all on any version prior 79.
  • Works well on touch screens from 10 to 70 inches (interactive mode) and digital signage screens (display mode).
  • Processing power: Minimum: Geekbench 5 score over 250 single core and over 650 multi core (e.g. Rockchip 3399); ideal is over 500 single and over 1500 multi.

1. To set your screen up to display your Cloudshelf it takes less than 3 minutes:

2. Once you see the pairing code:

Go to the laptop, tablet or phone you usually use to manage your Shopify website and open this up.

  • Go to the devices tab of Cloudshelf app via your Shopify admin portal and give the screen a name.

  • Select the Cloudshelf you want to display on the screen and select the location of your device. Within 2 minutes the display screen will show your Cloudshelf.

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