The short answer is, quite probably :)

If your touch screen or display device:

  • Has a browser that can be upgraded to a recent one; and 
  • Is connected to the internet

then, in all likelihood you can use it to display your Cloudshelf using our Interactive or Display modes.

Our requirements

MinimumIdeal / recommended
OSAndroid 8, ChromeOS, iOS 15, Windows XXChromeOS is best combination of secure browser and power
BrowserChrome 87 / Safari (iOS 15)Chrome 106 or above
Geekbench 5 score over 250 on single core and over 650 on multi core
i3, i5, Geekbench 5 score of 500 single core and over 1500 multicore
Screen size (interactive)10 inch - 70 inch15 - 27 inch
Screen size (display)10 - 70 inch43 - 70 inch

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