You can either run Cloudshelf on screens out-of-the-box, or you can add some software to allow you to manage the screens remotely.  If you have more than one location or are not with the screen all the time, we highly recommend this.

If you are running a non-Android device, then we recommend you use Google ChromeOS Flex, and you should follow the instructions on this page.

For all other setup options for Android devices and / or setting up your device on a managed network please click here to visit our Partner support section of our helpdesk:

1. Prior requirements: get the devices running Chrome OS flex:

2. Add a Cloudshelf chrome app to your account (see video below):

  • Go to admin > devices > chrome > apps & extensions > kiosks

  • In the bottom right corner, there will be a yellow circle with a + icon in it, click on that, and then choose “Add by URL”

  • Provide the URL “”, and press 'save'. NB: if you are using our beta platform please use this URL

  • Press 'Agree', and wait for the URL box to close.

  • You should now see a Cloudshelf Row on the page, click on this, and a settings panel will open on the right hand side, ensure the following options are enabled (you may need to scroll down):

    • Allow App to Manage Power

    • Allow on-screen keyboard

    • Enable plug-ins

  • Then then press 'save' in the top right corner.

  • Now above the Cloudshelf Row, you should see “Auto-launch app” which is set to NONE, change this to 'Cloudshelf', and then press 'save' in the top right corner.

  • Now go back into the Cloudshelf Row settings, scroll down and ensure the following options are enabled.

    • Enable health monitoring

  • Then then press save in the top right corner.

3. Configure the AC power settings so that the screen remains on whilst plugged in:

  • Select: Devices > Chrome > Settings > Device > AC Power Settings
  • Change 'Idle warning timeout in minutes' to 0
  • Change 'Action on idle' to Do nothing
  • Change 'Screen timeout in minutes' to 0
  • Change 'Screen off timeout in minutes' to 0

4. Add devices to your Google account, so that you can remotely monitor them:

Google instructions here:,Press%20Ctrl%2BAlt%2BE

IMPORTANT: Once you have enrolled the devices, you MUST restart them (before you pair with Cloudshelf) in order for them to update to the correct settings from the Google admin panel; this is an issue with Google and we cannot fix this.

Failure to do this will result in the device becoming “unlinked”.

5. Display Cloudshelf on your devices:

  • Turn on device, wait for it to display a 6-digit pairing code

  • Go to the Cloudshelf tab of your Shopify admin, and go to devices tab > add device 

  • Enter the pairing code

For more details on how to pair your Cloudshelf devices check here: How to pair your devices.

If you require any assistance with this please contact our friendly support team on and someone will be in touch shortly.