Installing Android kiosk will ensure that the Cloudshelf will be locked to the screen and will auto-launch as soon as the device is plugged in. It also prevents customers / children from exiting the app by accident.

Please note: Setup should take around 10 minutes per device.

1. Connect to wi-fi on the device & log in to play store with your Google credentials.

2. Before Installation:

Open Google Play and ensure that Google Chrome is fully up to date. Ideally version 106.X or above.  Cloudshelf will not run at all on any version prior 87.

3. Here is the installation method to install Android kiosk to the device:

4. Installation:

Your download will appear within your browser, and once you click it you will need to select 'Install'. Once you have installed the APK, do not press OPEN, instead press DONE.
Now press your home button, and you may be asked to "Select a home App", in our cause we see:

  • Kiosk Browser
  • TouchWiz Home
  • Kids Mode
  • You will need to click on the default stock launcher, for us, this is “Kiosk Browser".
  • Now use the normal Android interface to find the "Kiosk Browser" application, and follow the on-screen instructions to grant all the permissions, when it takes you to a settings page, change the permission it asked for and then use the hardware/software back button to get back to the permissions screen. Note: This is a recursive process and so you WILL have to do this multiple times. 
  • After these permissions are granted if requested, it should ask you if the app can be a Device Administrator, you must also grant this.
  • Finally, it will ask you to "Select a Home app" again, this time you want to select "Kiosk Browser", if it does not ask you to do this, just use the normal android interface to find the “Kiosk Browser“ application and open it.
  • Click into 'Settings' in the top right corner by clicking the 3 dots and you will see a banner message advising that the device is unlicensed and her you can enter your licence key.

5. Configuration:

  • Now you have the application installed, you need to configure it. If the application is trying to give you a guided tour, just press SKIP in the bottom left; this should then load Google.
  • In the top right-hand corner, there will be three vertical dots, click this and then click settings.
  • Enter the password 0000,and click OK.
  • Click on Advanced -> Automatic Config URL, and set it
  • Ensure you are back in the main settings menu (it has the title Settings), if you don’t see this title then press back (it’s the arrow in the top left).
  • Now click on Admin -> Download Automatic Config,it will appear as if nothing has happened, but don't be alarmed this is normal. Now press back to go back to the main settings window.
  • That's it! All done.

6. Confirm that the config was set correctly:

  • Click General, and under Kiosk URL you should see
  • Once set up is complete, go to > settings > advanced > automatic config url > delete (set to blank). 
    This last step is to allow the customer to update any settings without having them overridden by Cloudshelf's default.

7. How to exit kiosk mode:

  • Tap 4 times quickly in the same spot, and then enter the password you configured in the settings; if you didn't change it it's0000. If the tapping of the screen 4x does not work, simply swipe down from the top of the screen and you will see the green Android Kiosk menu where you can click the 3 dots and select 'Settings'. It will ask you for the same PIN as mentioned above to get into the settings menu. If you then select the back icon you will be directed back to the Android settings menu and from here if you go back again it will ask you to select your devices default launcher i.e 3 launcher and once selected you will be back in the Android menu. 
  • To launch the Android Kiosk app again, simply locate it on your device and once you launch it, the Cloudshelf will launch again.

8. Save the device URL to the home screen & email us the pairing code: 

  • Pair the device on the Cloudshelf app by clicking onto 'Devices' and selecting the Cloudshelf you wish to display or please email the pairing code to and we will pair the device for you.

9. Reboot the device to ensure that the Cloudshelf auto-launches to the customer's experience.

10. Before shipping out the device 

  • Please go to the device settings > users and accounts > remove account from this device.