Below are some quick steps on how to setup your Cloudshelf devices onto your managed network / CMS system:

If you are using a CMS system, depending on what software your network using you will need to go through the below steps to setup your Cloudshelf devices:

1. Enter '' into your software portal. 

2. You will then need to save this URL to the home screen of your Cloudshelf device. 

3. Once this is done, if you launch the Cloudshelf app you will see a 6-digit pairing code.

4. Now, head to your Shopify admin panel and launch 'Cloudshelf' and click into 'Devices'.

5. Click 'pair device' and enter the 6-digit code that is displaying on your screen.

6. Now, select the Cloudshelf you wish to display and the store / location of your device.