You may have products that you are still working on, and you do not want them to appear.  There are 3 ways you can do this in Shopify:

Option 1: You don't want it to appear anywhere

  1. Go to the product in question,
  2. Set product Status to Draft.
  3. Save

It will no longer appear in any Sales Channel

Option 2: You want it to appear in some channels, but not on Cloudshelf

  1. Go to the product in question
  2. Select 'Manage' Sales channels and apps
  3. Deselect Cloudshelf
  4. Save

It will continue to appear in other sales channels, but not in Cloudshelf

Setting product as Draft removes it from all sales channels

Update 9 Feb 2022: Known bug. Products that are set are removed from Cloudshelf this way will continue to appear in the result count, but not in the display.  This will be corrected early March.

Option 3: Unavailable products from your website are displaying on the Cloudshelf and you want to remove these

  1. Select all products. Please note: If you have more than 50 products you will see an option on the right to 'select all 50+ products in your store'.


   2.  Set your filter as 'availability is unavailable on online store' 

   3. Select More actions -> Remove channels -> Cloudshelf

This should stop all of the products from appearing on your Cloudshelf that are unavailable

If you need any further assistance please contact our friendly support team on and one of our specialist support members will be in touch.