Cloudshelf software is amazing.  But to get the full benefit, you need the right screens, that:

  •  are turned on (a bigger deal than you may think), 
  •  are fast and bright enough, 
  •  can connect to the internet and very importantly 
  •  are in the right position in your store, with the right presentation around them.  

The great news is there are many options available for you to display your Cloudshelf, to match most budgets - but some will require more work on your behalf than others.

Cloudshelf doesn't provide its own screens so that we can work with the best solution providers worldwide.  If you call us we can help advise on local providers.

Quick testUse an iPad or Android tablet you already haveUp and running in minutes.  Can get store staff and customer feedbackCan be switched to other apps.  Not monitored. If device is under-powered it will deliver a poor experience.LowAcceptable for a quick test before roll-out if the device is powerful enough.
Full DIY (iOS)Buy 13 inch iPads + standsEasy to buy online.  Can work for small deployments.  Device processors are fantastic so smooth experience.You need to lockdown the devices.  They will require much more human maintenance than remotely managed solutions (shoppers unplug them, staff don't turn them on...)iPad Pro around £1300 + stand around £100.Though 13 inch is smaller than we recommend, it can look very good if you have a store staff are rigorous about turning them on!

Full DIY (Android)Buy consumer Android tablets + standsEasy to buy online.  Can be securely locked downHard to find devices that are more than 10 inch (very small in a store).  Check out page on minimum processing power requirements as some cheaper devices are too feeble.Device around £500 + stand around £100If you are considering this, do please call us for advice.

Professional screens, self managedUse devices from companies such as ELO-touch or Advantech.You can get 22-inch devices that look amazing (ideal size), and can be remotely monitored and rebooted.You will need someone in team to monitor the devices.  Slightly longer lead-times than a consumer device.Device around £1300 + stand around £200Good solution for small scale roll-outs, especially if have own store fit-out team.

Outsourced device managementUse a retail design company such as Trison, IDS or HMYSpecialists can help advise on screen location and how to integrate into store design.  Devices can be managed remotely.Longer lead times Initially more expensiveAs above but with cost project management, and monthly contract.Best solution with high RoI for scale roll-outs where you want to succeed.

To see minimum and ideal screen specifications, see here I already have a touch screen or display device. Can I use it?

Feel free to reach out to our friendly support team who will be happy to help recommend the best way forward for you -