You can customise most elements of your Cloudshelf experiences.

Adapt the look and feel to your branding, namely:

General look and feel

  • Fonts (headline, sub-header and body text)
  • Brand colours (main colour, text colour, purchase colour)
  • Shapes (square or rounded angles)

Learn more here: Get started: Configure the general look and feel of your Cloudshelves

Home page categories

  • Upload category (“product group”) images that represent your brand
  • Modify size of category tiles 
  • Select type of category tile animation (flip, transparency)
  • Upload Logo

Learn more here: Get started: Home page categories

Product grid

  • Adapt product grid (wide, tall, hero, mixed..etc)
  • Choose image anchoring:
    • zoom-to-fill images 
    • Anchor (top, centre, bottom)

Learn more here: Get started: Product tile customisation

Select which content appears on each Cloudshelf - and create as many cloudshelves as you wish

  • Choose which Product groups to include
  • Smart tiles for links to reviews, newsletter signups, instagram or custom
  • Banner pages for full screen promotions and links to product groups, individual products or even external webpages (via QR)
  • Adapt the call to action
  • Select fields / meta-fields (including images, videos) to include on PDP
  • Change order of fields, choose whether expandable or fixed, open or closed
  • In display mode: 
    • Choose how many products per collection
    • Choose how many images per product
    • Set durations

Learn more here: Select which content appears on each Cloudshelf

Choose what type of stock to include

  • Available stock
  • Products available on order
  • Sold out products
  • Show product levels in current store vs online (feature coming in June)

Learn more here: Get started: Choose what type of stock to include

Adapt shopper navigation through products by adding breadcrumb filters in whichever order matches that Cloudshelf’s product type

  • Use or hide any set of metadata in filters
  • Re-order filters (eg for shoes put size before price)
  • Merge filters (eg colour and color),
  • rename filters (eg vendor to brand) 

Automatically adapt to your chosen screen format

  • Portrait or landscape
  • Touchscreen or display only
  • Screen size (from handheld 8 inch to wall mounted 55 inch)

Adapt checkout

  • Choose your relevant flow
    • use your ecommerce flow
    • use a custom checkout flow
  • Use a chip and PIN reader (Viva, Stripe)
  • Use chip-on-glass to tap screen (Viva,
  • Remove checkout to have ‘digital catalogue’ mode
  • Choose to have a basket icon only or make basket tray always visible
  • Choose whether to allow online discounts in-store

Add accessories

  • Chip and pin payment (see above)
  • Barcode scanner (and soon RFID scanner) for instant add to basket
  • Receipt printer

Connect with add-ons, or options