Below are some quick steps on how to get going with creating a Shopify demo store to carry out testing of the Cloudshelf app:

NB: if you'd like to import your own product data, please use this Shopify example template:

A few notes on the format if you choose to upload your own test products:

  • each product has a unique handle and is on its own row
  • each subsequent variant is on a subsequent row, and starts with the product's unique handle
  • each additional image is on a subsequent row
  • set column Q (inventory tracker) to 'Shopify' and add a dummy quantity in column R (Variant Inventory Qty')
  • for the demo, ignore all the Google Shopping categories as they will break the import unless they follow the correct syntax (not needed for the demo)
  • add a final column called 'Collection' to the CSV and put the collection or product group name you wish to use in the Cloudshelf demo

How to setup your demo device

See here:

How to create a sales demo store using your client's product data

See here:

If you require any assistance with this please contact our friendly support team on and someone will be in touch soon.