To introduce self-serve kiosks into your retail stores and locations effectively, it is important to integrate them into your stores to attract customers to interact with the kiosks to browse and purchase products.

Here are some steps on how to do this:

Create clear call-to-action signage around the kiosk / screen area 

  • Clear branded messaging around the kiosk will let customers know exactly what the kiosks are for. For example if you are a furniture store, having a clear CTA like; "Bedding & Linen
                                                                                                           Order here
                                                                                                           Free delivery"

  • In addition to this, within your Cloudshelf Display you can create your custom CTA based on the product ranges your are highlighting within each screen. For example; "Shop more Beds" or "Discover more Jewellery".

Aim for 2+ devices per location / store:

  • Depending on the space you have, we would advise that you aim to begin with upto 2 devices per location. Customers tend to interact with screens when there are more of them, as it is much clearer that the screens are part of the store experience - and not just a screen for advertising products or possibly a device for staff to use. 

  • We would recommend displaying screens from 15" - 22" for the best user experience. You can of course decide to roll-out larger screens, however bear in mind that screens should be fitted at eye level so they are easy for customers to use, and it's also worth considering that larger screens can be more difficult to navigate around on.

  • Need some help on the right devices to purchase? Get in touch with us on and we'll be happy to connect you with one our friendly hardware partners who will provide you with the right guidance on devices for your stores.

Direct customers to the screens:

  • When introducing new technologies to your stores, do take the time to guide customers to the screens. Although there will be many that will wonder to the screens themselves, some will also need some guidance to let them know they can interact with the kiosks. Once this becomes part of your store process fully, you will then not need to guide as many customers as they will naturally come to know the purpose of the screens.

For tips on how to sales staff can get the best value from your Cloudshelves in-store, check out this helpful guide here.