For Product Options Customizer to work with the price modifier, you need to change 2 configurations in your Shopify admin.

1. Make the "Item Customization" product available to Cloudshelf sales channel

You must find the Product Customiser price modifier product, and make this available to the Cloudshelf sales channel. By default this product is called “Item Customizations”, but if you can’t find it you can use the search area in Shopify and look for “product-customizer-item-customizations”.

Pasted Graphic.png

Find the publishing section, and click on Manage -> Manage Sales Channels, and then select Cloudshelf from the list of options and save the changes.

Pasted Graphic 1.png

Once saved, Cloudshelf should appear in the Sales Channels area of the Publishing Section.

Pasted Graphic 2.png

2. Add the Item Customisation product to any collection

Now go to your collections, and create a new collection. You can call this anything you want as it will never be seen or used other than to allow Cloudshelf access to the Product Customiser price modifier product. Ensure that the collection type is Manual, and that you only publish to the Cloudshelf sales channel (no other channels, including your Online Store). Press save, and you should see something that looks like this:

Pasted Graphic 3.png

Scroll down to the products section, and add the Product Customiser price modifier product, again if you can’t find it you can look for “product-customizer-item-customizations”, and then press Add.

Pasted Graphic 4.png

Cloudshelf will now have access to this product, and price modifications will now work on your Cloudshelf devices.

Note: Cloudshelf will need to sync the product/collection, which may take up to 10 minutes.