To test out how Cloudshelf works end-to-end in 15 minutes, the steps are:

  1. create a free Shopify partner / developer account (

  2. create a demo store

  3. Either select
    1. "Create a store to test and build" and "start with data" and Shopify will populate it with sample data, or
    2.  "Create a store for a client" if you want to import a clients catalog (see Shopify's import format is here:

  4. add Cloudshelf app (, and let it do its magic. It will automatically create a first Cloudshelf. You can update branding, fonts, colours and attract images to make it feel just right.

  5. Click on the devices tab to allocate the Cloudshelf you have created to a device of your choice.

This will give you a (free) live Cloudshelf.  You can tune it, use it, check the usage stats, etc.