Below are the steps to setup the devices before shipping out to retailers:

Please note - these steps are subject to change as we update our system. We’ll keep you posted with any changes.

1. Connect to wi-fi on the device & log in to play store with your credentials:

2. From the play store search for Chrome and update the app. Please note: You may need to update the play store first to allow Chrome to also update.

3. Once Chrome has updated, launch the browser and enter the URL:

Here it will ask you to save the URL to the home screen. Once you have done this you should be able to launch the app from the home screen.

4. Launch the CS app and it should ask you for a pairing code. Please email with the pairing code and we will pair the device for you. You should then see the Cloudshelf running successfully.

5. Turning screen pinning on by launching > settings > security & location > screen pinning (turn on) set PIN as 456321 to unlock screen.

6. Test the screen pinning feature by pressing the square icon at the bottom of the screen and selecting the pin icon.

7. Before shipping out the device please go to settings > users and accounts > remove account from this device.