Custom Apps are now Shopify’s mechanism for allowing you to share access to parts of your website, while maintaining full control on what partners are able to access. By revoking this access, you can prevent us from any further access to any of your data.

Note: the only data that Cloudshelf accesses is data that can be readily found (scraped) on your public facing website.

1. Select Apps > Manage Private Apps

2. If this is your first ever custom app, you will need to “Enable” and confirm you acknowledge that you are giving rights outside of Shopify’s control.

3. Create an App

4. Fill in app details

5. Configure 5 Admin API Scopes

                                                  NB: Select read_themes!!

6. Save the changes

7. Select Storefront API Access

8.  Select all four items in Read product variants & deselect all other options

9. Scrollback up and “Save”

10. Go to API Credentials and Click on  ‘Install App’

11. Click on install in pop-up

12. Send us all 4 bits of information Admin API data by email to plus your example URL (image shown on step 13 below).

13. Please also send us the example URL which you'll find at the top of your browser address bar:

Save and all done.

Head over to 

Cloudshelf Manager

  to create your first Cloudshelf!