When your customers use the filter option to find their desired products, it's important that your filters are easy to use and appropriate for your customers searching needs.

Tips on filter management:

  • Order your filters to match the sales journey and the shopper buying process.  You may want shoppers to think about size before they consider prices for example.

  • Adjust the display names of the filters to make them meaningful to the shopper. For example you may choose “Brand” instead of Shopify’s “Vendor”.

  • Hide filters that are not helpful to shoppers or sales assistants.

  • Click ‘see more’ in product type and if any products appear as blank without a name select the icon to hide this. 

  • Select ‘see more’ in size and reorder your sizes in order so it's easy for customers to sort through sizes.

If you require any assistance with this please contact our friendly support team on support@cloudshelf.ai and one of our specialist support members will get in touch.