We have created Cloudshelf to help Independent Retailers increase sales in-store by introducing a way to give customers the option to browse and purchase your online range whilst they're in-store.

Here are some tips on how to get the best results from using Cloudshelf:

  • Ensure that all your collections are up to date and reflecting the correct prices & product information by regularly updating your Shopify store.

  • If you're not happy with the quality of any of your collection images displayed on your Cloudshelf, feel free to change these via Cloudshelf Manager. 

  • Less is more! Try to keep your Cloudshelf to 3-12 collections - This will avoid customers having to scroll through hundreds of products and will allow you to focus your Cloudshelf on a particular range. Remember you can always add a collection called 'rest of your store' which will allow customers to filter through your full range.

  • Keep in mind the range that you are trying to promote through the Cloudshelf and when customers are looking around in your store, point them to the direction of the Cloudshelf and advise them on a whole new range waiting to be seen on the screen where they can go ahead and purchase your awesome products instantly.

  • Cloudshelf works as a great sales tool, so when you see a customer browsing in store ask them if they would like to see more of your product range (maybe a different color or style than the item they're looking at) and assist them to the Cloudshelf where you can then spend some time to talk your shopper through how it works. Before you know it they'll be scrolling and clicking away at products that they may not have seen in-store. 

  • Keep your Cloudshelf up to date by adding your relevant collections when necessary i.e Sales collections, Gifts, Promotions etc. 

  • If your store tends to be busy and staff are not always available to assist customers - Cloudshelf can be a great way to give customers the option to browse on the screen whilst they wait for you to become available. 

  • Cloudshelf is a brilliant way to show your customers full size images of products along with product information. Sometimes if a customer can't see what they're looking for this will be dependent on the sale becoming a success or a loss.