The Cloudshelf kiosk does more magic when staff understand how to link it into their sales journey

Sales staff should be trained on how to interact with it to drive sales.  

For instance, you may be a fancy dress store and a shopper comes in asking for a 'ghost' costume. The staff member may show them one that is immediately on display, and if the customer looks doubtful, go to the kiosk, click on search and type "ghost".  

Or if someone comes in saying they are going to a 70s party, the sales assistant can type '1970' into the search and see all relevant products.

-> staff should aim to spend 1/2 hour training, imagining sales situations and testing out how to use the Cloudshelf to get the best result and close more sales. We can arrange a quick call with any staff members that would like additional training on how best to use the Cloudshelf. Please email to arrange this if required.

Train the staff to look like experts with the kiosk

As it is customer facing, rather than behind the till, staff can appear to the shopper like knowledgeable pedagogs, even when they don't know a particular range that well.

For instance if someone asks for cat costumes, the staff member can say: "we have a great range of cat accessories and costumes, have a look here...".  Then when the customer says they only want costumes (use product type filter) or cheaper (use price filter) to delight them.

As the customer is being taken through the experience with ease, they will be more likely to order and purchase the product with the assistance of the staff member.

Staff should avoid referring to the Cloudshelf as the website

When you tell a shopper something is on the website, their reaction is often to wonder why they bothered coming into the store; and then to say they will check it once they get home (which mostly they don't).

So it's best to drop the technology and just say: "let me show you the rest of the range over here", while heading to the Cloudshelf kiosk.

Additional steps for stores to consider around the actual experience that is displaying on the Cloudshelf kiosk:

Make sure the call to action is relevant

Eg: "Shop our entire Jewellery range" or "Customise your trainers"

Get fantastic photos for collections (these will appear on your main Cloudshelf screen) 

These are much more prominent than on the website, so worthwhile uploading some great photos.  This can be done either on the collections themselves or as part of the Cloudshelf set up in the content tab (and then the website will remain unchanged).

For tips on how to integrate self-serve kiosks into your stores, check out this helpful guide here.

If you require any further assistance please contact our friendly support team on and someone will be in touch shortly.