1. Log into your Shopify account and click on the Cloudshelf app. 

Select New Cloudshelf:


                            2. You can now start to build your Cloudshelf. We recommend selecting the                                                             second option 'work from a wizard generated example' but feel free to select

                               the option that is relevant to you. Click continue to move to the next step.

3. Here you can view your current collections that our wizard has suggested and you have the option to add to these or remove the suggested collections if you wish to. You can also change the display images (this will not change anything on your website, all changes only reflect on your Cloudshelf). To do this select 'see more' and you will be able to choose a new image.

4. Now move on to Name & Notes where you can type the name of your Cloudshelf - this is for your internal use and your customers won't see this.

       5. Then click onto CTA and here you can read through the tips and create your call to action. 

     6. Click onto the Filters section and you can organise and manage your filters to suit your needs. 

          Please read through the tips on this section as it will help your customers to have the best 

          experience when filtering through your products. 


7. Click onto Product Details and here you can choose to display Vendor Name & SKU Code if desired.



8.  Now click Preview on the top right hand corner and a separate window will open with the preview of your Cloudshelf. 

Great news your ready to go and one of our friendly team members will arrange to set up your Cloudshelf in your store!

If you require any assistance with this please contact our friendly support team on support@cloudshelf.ai and one of our specialist support members will be in touch.