What not to do

While it is tempting to just copy everything that is on the website, our experience shows that this is not particularly effective.

Avoid having everything on a single Cloudshelf

Avoid having everything on your Cloudshelf with a bland call to action such as ‘see all our range’.  Shoppers will query why they couldn’t simply go on the website, and won’t see the point of it.  It is seen as more work than a gentle nudge.

Better solution: create multiple Cloudshelves, focussed on particular ranges and place them near the range in question

Avoid having fewer than 3 top level collections

It reduces the visual appeal of the Cloudshelf and means that all filtering then needs to be done within the category, and feels less immediate to the shopper.

Better solution: create collections in Shopify to sub-segment your collection by product type or by vendor


Avoid having more than 18 top level collections

It makes it hard for shopper to make first level choice, and feeling that they are going down a rabbit hole.

Better solution: create collection in Shopify to re-aggregate your collections joining together broader themes.